My gear

Guitars, effects pedals, softwares…and other curiosities

Over the years, I have been trying and owning a lot of different guitars, amps and pedals… Here is the place to know more about the gear I’m currently using for live and studio use.

Ibanez Guitars, Jim Dunlop, Tc Electronic, Fractal Audio System…

Those names have a huge impact on my sound and playing. The support of the brands that endorse me is invaluable.

The reliability of the gear is an important point, as much as the values and the philosophy behind. As the saying goes, Quality people produce quality results.

Canon 600D, passion and patience

I really enjoy my demonstrator work. It takes time to get comfortable with a pedal or a new peace of gear, but it is very rewarding to get something from it.

Gear has so much to tell you about our playing, it hasn’t have to be the heart of a musician, but, to me, it’s really something that matters.